Refrigerated serve over counter with front door

The appeal of the VARIUS UVP-C-O refrigerated serve over counter lies in its straight alignment, optionally with customer-individual optics and especially the clear view through glass brackets. The doors open to the front, towards the customer. Because of the innovative access, the refrigerated serve over counter can be loaded and cleaned very easily.

When cleaning the refrigerated serve over counter, the convenient contact holes in the display area allow a removal of the parts with the flick of a wrist. The stainless steel air-off grill can be disassembled without difficulty through the newly developed fastening system and even be cleaned in every dishwasher.

On the basis of this sophisticated improvements, the VARIUS UVP-C-O got a very positive rating from the Austrian general accident insurance institute (AUVA) recently. The LED lighting concept enables attractive showcasing and consumes up to 11 percent less energy in spite of the triple life time compared to common lighting. Besides, HAUSER also enhanced the front ventilation of the refrigerated cabinet so that it now consumes upt to 80 percent less energy. The new VARIUS UVP-C-O is not only sustainable, but also versatile: By request, it comes with a wide range of accessories.

The front-side door mechanism provides safe loading as well as easy cleaning of the refrigerated serve over counter

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