HAUSER awarded as apprenticing company

"Employees are a company´s most valuable asset" is a well-known saying - and it´s not always easy for companies to find qualified labour. The companies can counter this development by opting for apprentices - and train tomorrow´s qualified employees on their own.

In 2006, Wirtschaftsbund OÖ initiated a campain to award companies with special merits for apprentice training. To get such an award, the companies must meet certain requirements.

In Austria, HAUSER trains apprentices in Linz and at the production plant in St. Martin im Mühlkreis.

In August 2011, eleven new apprentices started at HAUSER and will successfully conclude their training within the next years. Others will follow, because HAUSER trusts in qualified employees trained on-site and therefore stays a successful company even beyond the Austrian border.

Happy about the award (f.l.t.r.): Hauser-CEO Gerold Knapitsch, apprentices Hans-Georg Brandl, Carina Kirschner, Mario Parsch, manager of Wirtschaftsbund OÖ Gottfried Kneifel, economic councillor Susanne Wegscheider, company owner Erwin Hauser and trainee manager Rupert Danninger (source: Wirtschaftsbund OÖ)

Photos for HAUSER awarded as apprenticing company