REGIUS URP – The innovation is in the detail

HAUSER refrigerated multideck display cabinet with optimised technics and practical handling

The REGIUS refrigerated cabinet is characterised by an elaborate, stable air duct for homogenous temperature distribution and highly efficient energy-saving fans. The by 3°K higher evaporating temperature already reduced the energy consumption of the cabinet by more than ten percent. Because of the steady enhancement, both air duct and evaporator were improved again. The optimised technics allows to do without the previously necessary insulation for bottom plate and rear wall.
This results in a continous, easy to clean and thus hygienic surface – the service staff saves time and can be appointed more efficiently.

For an optimal goods presentation, HAUSER offers the REGIUS cabinet in various designs. Interior as well as exteriour colour can be selected from an extensive palette.

If desired, HAUSER provides a so called „Smart Board“ for the URP-range. This small glass fillet on the lowest shelf additionally stabilises the air duct and provides more constant temperatures without disturbing the customer. Through use of a „Smart Board“, about 5 percent refrigerating capacity can be saved additionally.