reference photo REGAS multideck


Product category Multidecks

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Fish Meat Drinks Cheese Dairy Deli Meats

REGAS - The refrigerated multideck display cabinet with high class energy economy

Minimum energy values with optimum product presentation on the smallest footprint: The REGAS refrigerated multideck display cabinet impresses across the board.

REGAS impresses with minimal energy values. With its integrated and high-quality thermal glass doors, the refrigerated multideck display is one of the best in its class in terms of energy efficiency.

Beyond this, REGAS impresses with a maximised view of the goods on the smallest possible footprint while ensuring the highest level of transparency for your products. Optimally matched components, such as the lean design of the air curtain and shelves protruding up to the glass doors, enable particularly customer-oriented product placement, greater usable depth and improved merchandise density. The energy-saving LED illumination is optionally available for the top, the shelves and the door webs. Foodstuffs are put in the right light at any time of the day thus ensuring a sales promoting product presentation.