Referenzbild FRESHBOX+ Gekühlte Abholstation




Order online, pick up any time. Give your customers an extra opportunity to shop – including after closing time – and enjoy the benefits of HAUSER’s first refrigerated pick-up point: reliability, variability and simple service!

  • Modular design and refrigeration flexibility ensure that the system can be perfectly tailored to meet your needs – compartment by compartment, cooling zone by cooling zone.
  • The simple software front end and wide range of support features ensure ease of use. Intelligent design and software also make the Freshbox+ accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Safety and security are our priority – we use unique anti-theft, safe temperature and child safety solutions.
  • Top-class system reliability (over 99%) and ease of access for your customers – guaranteed thanks to 14 years of experience working with non-refrigerated pick-up lockers.