Exemplary apprenticeship training: HAUSER wins the INEO Award

President of the Upper Austrian Economic Chamber, Dr. Rudolf Trauner, presented HAUSER GmbH with the INEO Award at an awards ceremony held in Wels on 6 November.

The award honours the particular commitment and achievements of HAUSER in the area of apprenticeship training, with the letters INEO standing for innovation, sustainability, commitment and orientation (in German).

HAUSER has been training apprentices for 66 years. 36 young employees are currently in training at the Linz, St. Martin im Mühlkreis, St. Pölten and Vienna sites, including refrigeration plant engineers, electrical engineers and office administrators.

"Two apprentice representatives support each apprentice during the orientation phase, ensuring they become familiar with all of the company's departments", said apprentice trainer Rupert Danninger.

As a top-class apprenticeship operation, HAUSER meets numerous quality criteria.

For example, the apprenticeship training not only takes into account the educational standard of the vocational school but also provides for additional individual training. HAUSER also offers its apprentices advanced training through internal and external courses.

Special training sessions on various technical topics, personality training, integration training, examination preparation and job rotations are all part of these individually structured apprenticeship plans.

The company awards prizes for good academic achievements in the vocational school and good performance in final examinations.

A special type of apprenticeship only found at HAUSER - refrigeration plant engineer or electrical engineer with the general qualification for university entrance known as the Matura - has been available in Linz since 2013.

Excellent secondary school qualifications are crucial to securing one of the two apprenticeship places.

The theoretical and practical training is tailored to the needs of the "special apprentices", who spend half their time in the office and the other half on assemblies. This provides a solid basis for their future careers.

Many employees have started as apprentices and been able to rise to responsible management positions as technical, assembly or service managers, designers or key account managers thanks to their commitment and individual development.

"Our apprentices have the best development opportunities", said HAUSER HR Manager Wolfgang Schaal. "Career through apprenticeship isn't just some term bandied about at HAUSER - it's a motto we actually live up to!"

Anyone interested in an apprenticeship at HAUSER is warmly invited to arrange an orientation day by contacting bewerbung@hauser.com.

Wolfgang Schaal and Rupert Danninger are presented with the award by President of the Upper Austrian Economic Chamber, Rudolf Trauner (Source: Cityfoto)