Having gone from strength to strength since 1946, we are proud of HAUSER’s more than 75-year-long history. Our mission now is to build on that experience while looking ahead and constantly evolving as a business. We are ready for a global future.


  •    1946: HAUSER Company
        is founded
  •    1997: 160 employees,
        turnover of € 21 million
  •    TODAY: 1.300 employees,
       turnover of € 390 million
The success story of HAUSER company


Rudolf Hauser establishes the service and installation business for refrigeration equipment in Linz, Urfahr. The first logo officially entered in the company's trademark register already shows the penguin at that time that accompanies HAUSER as the company's logo.


HAUSER manufactures refrigerated cabinets from wood, sheet metal, cork insulation and stainless steel coverings until 1965. HAUSER is already showing itself to be innovation-minded with ceiling cooling system patented by Ing. Rudolf Hauser.


With the setup of a production site in St. Martin, HAUSER achieves the objective of producing large numbers of metallic refrigerated cabinets. Refrigerated cabinets, prefabricated refrigerated cabinets and cold room doors are manufactured on the latest production lines.


Following his successful work for the company Dr Erwin Hauser is taking over as CEO. With its strategic decisions he is continuing with the previously successful route and is therefore guaranteeing a sustainable and forward-looking corporate development.


To cope with the steady increase in order intake, the subsidiary HAUSER spol. s r. o. is set up in Budweis. A second production site is opened in Kaplice. HAUSER now manufactures in Austria and the Czech Republic using the latest processes.


HAUSER begins Europe-wide expansion


Linz headquarters expanded to 4,500m²


HAUSER continues its growth path – in particular, in the UK, Germany (Bochum) and Poland (Bielsko-Biała). The production plant in Kaplice, Czech Republic, is expanded to 29,000m².


St. Martin, Austria, plant expanded to 15,000m²


HAUSER positions itself as a partner for custom fresh produce solutions, planning, producing and supplying turn-key refrigeration units for international customers in the food retail sector and in trade and industry.


Kaplice plant expanded to 40,000 m²


Employing around 1,300 staff in 15 countries, HAUSER generates a turnover of € 370 million. Since the start of HAUSER’s history, the prudent, stability-centred, family-run business has focused on the refrigeration of fresh food. HAUSER is now acting on this customer requirement as a strong solutions and customer-focused, full-service provider.