The HAUSER remote service team secures your refrigeration system


Sometimes a technician is not even needed on site to help resolve your issue. Through remote service, HAUSER can actively monitor your refrigeration system via long-distance data transmission to ensure that your systems keep running smoothly.

Our remote service modules for Wurm, Eckelmann and Danfoss control systems include:

  • Active alarm management
  • Passive alarm management
  • Remote data transmission analysis while the technicians are on their way
  • Preventive analysis to ensure faults do not occur
  • Energy monitoring

You can rely on 24/7 support from our multi-lingual 24-hour hotline (English, German and Czech-speaking) and our certified refrigeration systems engineers (skills and knowledge certified as per EC 303/2008).

Plus, our long-term spare parts management guarantees the reliability of your HAUSER refrigeration system.


The HAUSER refrigeration system technicians are available around the clock