HAUSER cabinet in first French zero-waste supermarket

On the occasion of the Paris Climate Change Conference, BioCoop21 opened the first package-free supermarket in Paris. Customers can purchase biological and primarily regional food in the required quantity and fill it in reusable containers. HAUSER made a significant contribution to the shop concept of BioCoop21 with an environmentally friendly solution for fresh food.

HAUSER recognized this trend early on and developed plug-in cabinets with eco-friendly CO2 as refrigerant. Thanks to the specially designed technology, these cabinets reach an energy saving of approximately 20% compared to conventional HFC plug-in counters.

HAUSER is the only manufacturer to offer CO2 technology for all customer needs. Thus, HAUSER CO2 solutions are available for convenience stores, discount stores, super- and hypermarkets.

  • Plug-in cabinets
  • Semi Plug-in - Waterloop System (plug-in cabinet with waste heat transfer to an additional water cycle)
  • Remote (central technical plant supplies cabinets in use)

The team of our modern HAUSER R&D laboratory is constantly working on the further development and improvement of engineering and energy efficiency, thus providing a contribution to the reduction of emissions and to a better environment.