Zleva doprava: Vítězný tým HAUSER ve složení Patrick Danninger, Niklas Danninger a Marco Simic společně s prezidentem AustrianSkills Josefem Herkem (2. zleva) a učňovským pedagogem Rupertem Danningerem (4. zleva) Foto: WKÖ/SkillsAustria/Florian Wieser

At the latest AustrianSkills 2021 European professional championships which were held from 20 – 23 January at the Salzburg exhibition centre, HAUSER took the top rankings once again. Niklas Danninger was named state champion in the refrigeration and air conditioning category. Patrick Danninger and Marco Simic took second and third place. The three talented young HAUSER employees will have starting positions at WorldSkills 2022 and EuroSkills 2023. Due to the pandemic, the AustrianSkills event and award ceremony were held without visitors.

Niklas Danninger from Herzogsdorf has already completed his double apprenticeship in refrigeration technology/electrical engineering at HAUSER with distinction. The 20-year-old sport fanatic is also taking a course for trainers as well as an entrepreneurial course. Patrick Danninger and Marco Simic are still completing their apprenticeship training – also in refrigeration and electrical engineering. All three of them worked hard to prepare for the professional championships with support from HAUSER.

The task: create a refrigeration installation
In the air conditioning and refrigeration technology competition, the three HAUSER participants had to create a refrigeration installation within a defined working time based on an installation plan and using specific materials. They had to make lines out of copper piping with soldered connections. The participants also had to perform the electrical engineering for the refrigeration system. Finally, the entire installation was subjected to a final stress test.

A place at international professional competitions
In 32 professional categories ranging from plant electrician to carpenter, around 200 of the best graduates from Austrian apprenticeship programmes, vocational colleges and technical universities competed for a place at the international professional competitions of WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 and EuroSkills St. Petersburg 2023. The competition was held over three days in an area covering 18,000 m². AustrianSkills allowed the young specialists to demonstrate their impressive practical expertise.

Picture below: The winning HAUSER team with Patrick Danninger, Niklas Danninger and Marco Simic as well as AustrianSkills President Josef Herk (2nd from left) and apprentice trainer Rupert Danninger (4th from left) Photo: WKÖ/SkillsAustria/Florian Wieser