HAUSER St. Martin

Modern testing centre to make the company fit for the future

The refrigeration specialist HAUSER has completely rebuilt its site in St. Martin and created a groundbreaking new testing and development centre. The com-pany’s continuous growth also required expansion of its production plant and premises. These are now equipped with modern workstations, innovative test-ing facilities, and new changing areas and break rooms. The TECH-CENTER specialises in the continuous development of environmentally friendly, efficient refrigeration systems. HAUSER has invested more than three million euros in the site.

State of the art working environment

The new HAUSER TECH-CENTER has a modern office wing and an extended test laboratory with a total floor space of 2,000 square metres. In addition, new break rooms, washrooms and changing areas have been created on an area of approxi-mately 400 square metres. In the centre of the TECH-CENTER is a “marketplace” for customer presentations and the “HAUSER Café”, which serves as a meeting place for employees and customers. The conversion not only creates an ideal working envi-ronment for the employees on site, but also offers temporary workstations for visiting staff from other branches.

Cutting-edge technology for testing and development

A large part of the investment went into redesigning the laboratory and testing rooms in order to maintain the high quality of the company’s refrigeration cabinets, and thus its competitiveness in coming years. The TECH-CENTER is equipped with testing sta-tions for refrigeration cabinets, an acoustics and engineering room, and assembly boxes for mechanical installations and inspections. The refrigeration systems were designed to cool the air-conditioned rooms as well as to heat the new offices. The new measuring technology also features innovative data evaluation systems, which ensure that optimum test operations can be guaranteed around the clock.

“This investment gave us one of the best refrigeration laboratories in Europe. I am confident that this will boost and secure our competitiveness and market position”, stated CEO Thomas Loibl.