Regulations on defrosting, load management and building management systems


Besides the energy optimisation in refrigeration (Hauser Refrigeration Control System), HAUSER offers various options for the building management system (Hauser Building control) like regulating climate control, ventilation and heating.

DIN-XP: Digital input module for malfunction messages

Required for connection of alarms to the data transmission system.

HZE 002: Hauser central unit / gateway

Hauser gateway for standard systems and Frigolink regulation with up to four main modules.

PIC-XP: Energy recording module

Records electrical power, water consumption, heat quantities, etc.; essential in load management systems.

AHC-XP – Dew point-based window heating regulator

For regulating dew point-based window and handrail heating (mainly in the freezer area).

HAM001 – Hauser Defrost Manager

For regulating hot gas defrosting with up to eight refrigeration points.

HRC003 – Refrigeration Point Regulator

For regulating refrigeration points with thermal and electronic expansion valves.

TPA-XP – Temperature/pressure analyser for condensers

For monitoring condensate contamination to identify needless extra costs linked to rising condensing temperatures at an early stage.

DCCH-XP – Compound regulator

For regulating compound systems with up to eight compressor stages and condenser control with up to eight levels or rotational speeds regulated.

HLO-002 – Hauser load optimisation

For optimising load distribution between compound and refrigeration points.