HAUSER Kühlmöbel

Rather than being decided by the prices and products on offer, a supermarket’s appeal and popularity are increasingly determined by a harmonious shopping atmosphere. Customers’ desire to take their time and feel an emotional attachment when shopping appears to be growing all the more as digitalisation, information overload and the pace of our daily lives continue to accelerate. By creating a pleasant atmosphere and implementing experience-oriented store design, retailers can set themselves apart from their competitors while developing customer loyalty and increasing both customer dwell time and the amount they spend. A weekly market is a common way to help produce “come alive”. It conveys freshness and regionality, acts as a meeting point and source of inspiration, and also works very well without digital stimuli.

This change in attitudes is also driving the growing demand for multi-functional facilities and refrigeration units to allow retailers to stage individual “market stands” and create different zones. Austrian refrigeration technology specialist HAUSER will address this key development at the Euroshop trade fair, showcasing refrigeration units to facilitate attractive product staging and maximise customer dwell time.

HAUSER creates an atmosphere of customer comfort through a variety of impressions. While customers perceive some of these consciously and others act on a subconscious level, they combine to create a unique shop floor experience. HAUSER makes this visible to customers through optimal product illumination as well as new lighting options. For instance, focusing lighting on product highlights can help to optimise sales.

A wide array of design variants make it possible to fully integrate the REMETA multi-deck refrigerated cabinet into an overall store concept or use it as an eye-catching store design element.
Available with a diverse range of accessories, such as various fruit and vegetable presentation systems, the REMETA offers numerous new display options.

Small, low-level and transparent refrigeration units such as the VINIA refrigerated island give customer a better overview and make it easier for them to navigate the store. The units can be integrated easily in existing store design elements and are fitted with castors so they can be placed wherever desired within a store. In the designs for refrigeration and freezer units, aesthetics are united with nature, sustainability and ecology. The use of natural materials such as wood (for panels, insulation, etc.) means that consumers can experience nature while they shop. 

Appropriate background lighting can also highlight current product levels. LED light strips can promote customer orientation and guide them purposefully through the store (e.g. red lighting = meat section) or, when used in a more understated way, can simply create a pleasant ambience. A sophisticated lighting system simulates different times of day – and can be experienced at the HAUSER trade fair stand: “Fresh Hour” offers an enjoyable way to round off a day at the fair in a pleasant atmosphere that invites visitors to linger awhile. The HAUSER trade fair stand also places a strong emphasis on PLEASURE writ large



Particularly quiet refrigeration units set a new benchmark for the sector in terms of acoustics, thereby making a significant contribution to a pleasant shopping experience. Scent marketing can boost turnover for certain products and has a positive impact on dwell times in the supermarket. The temperature in front of refrigerated display cases is a decisive aspect of customer comfort, and HAUSER offers ideal solutions through optimised air management in its refrigeration units.

Some consumers also use digital tools such as apps when buying groceries, while others consciously seek to avoid them and look for a shopping atmosphere free from digital irritations. Nevertheless, digitalisation cannot be stopped and has found its way into the food retail sector. At present, retailers are looking for ways to use this to their advantage. HAUSER refrigeration units incorporate a number of different customer solutions and can be individually tailored to customers’ wishes. 

Visit the HAUSER trade fair stand to learn more about our multi-sensory refrigeration solutions – we look forward to meeting you!