reference photo MIRENDO deep-freeze cabinet


Product category Frozen Food Cabinets

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Frozen Food

MIRENDO - Unique presents

The MIRENDO deep-freeze cabinet combines the benefits of existing deep-freeze concepts with its unmistakable body and elegant design.

Until now, when designing the frozen food section in your market, you have had to choose between a horizontal and vertical presentation of goods (deep-freeze island or deep-freeze cabinet), or resort to a deep-freeze multideck display cabinet.

In your MIRENDO from HAUSER, you bring together the benefits provided by previous deep-freeze concepts: the deeper shelves give you more space for the vertical presentation of your variety of deep-frozen food in the top of the unit. The bottom section is ideal for bagged goods. The interior is structured by flexible partitions, including for different packaging sizes. This enables you to make full use of the available space, right down to the last centimetre. MIRENDO's deep-freeze cabinet allows a clearer and fresher presentation of your goods closer to the customer.

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