reference photo MUSETA combi freezer


Product category Frozen Food Cabinets

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Frozen Food

MUSETA - Product presentation ergonomic and compact

With its space-saving combination of a horizontal and vertical goods display, MUSETA is an all-rounder amongst deep-freeze cabinets and is suitable for both packaged and open frozen foods.

The combination of a vertical and horizontal goods display in MUSETA creates an even larger visible area than in a deep-freeze cabinet without any loss of clarity or capacity. At the same time, the small floor area required for the deep-freeze multideck display cabinet is impressive, saving space and providing more room for your store.

Now present your open and packaged products in an even fresher and more appealing display thanks to the larger lateral glazing. MUSETA offers you a total display area which has increased by 30 % compared with the previous model and is also impressive when compared with other deep-freeze cabinets. The well thought-out design, with its reduced cabinet and handrail height, is tailored to the movements of your customers and your staff, offering maximum comfort during operation and cleaning. Ergonomic handles round off MUSETA's user-friendliness.

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