reference photo VARIUS serve over counter


Product category Serve Over Counters

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Hot goods Fish Meat Cheese Deli Meats

VARIUS - The perfected operation

VARIUS offers you maximum variety in installation options and possible combinations for presenting your range of fresh produce clearly and to promote sales.

VARIUS is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for a fresh goods display with the optimum functionality. HAUSER's refrigerated counter will win you over thanks to its variety of options which offer you considerable scope for designing your individual store concept. Choose from a range of different glass structures, corner and foot-mounted installations, and round off the design of your VARIUS with an individual selection of decors and colours.

Put together your VARIUS based on your personal market requirements and expertly showcase your fresh goods: service and self-service elements, snack counters and HAUSER's convenience refrigerated counter VARIANDO together create a consistent image and a clear display for your fresh produce, promoting sales.


Energy efficiency class