reference photo MERANIS frozen food cabinet


Product category Frozen Food Cabinets

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Meat Cheese Frozen Food Deli Meats

MERANIS - The perfect clarity

Deep-freezing can be this transparent: MERANIS‘s extensive panoramic glazing guarantees customers a crystal clear view of your range of deep-frozen food. Its low height also enables you to give your store an open, modern design and makes the products inside easier to access.

Our MERANIS deep-freeze islands will help you showcase the variety of products available in your deep-frozen section in a manner that encourages sales. Their specially developed extensive glass panels and modern, conservative design will ensure customers have an excellent view of your product range from every side.

We have the right solution for any store concept: With goods display areas stretching back 850mm on each side, the MERANIS IMM-XL offers ample space for large packages such as deep-frozen gateaux and pizzas in particular. With an overall depth of 1,500mm the MERANIS IM-L is the ideal model for medium- sized stores and checkout areas. Finally, MERANIS IM-W cabinets are easy to install against a wall or „back to back“.

The fact that products are arranged horizontally means you can use strategic multiple positioning to draw more attention specific product groups with little effort and encourage your customers to impulse buy. In addition, you will be enabling customers to navigate their way around quickly, and your store staff will be able to keep an eye on product levels at all times.

Information & Presentation of wares

Equipment & Accessories

Energy efficiency class

* The cabinets get assigned an energy label according to their geometry and their accessories. The actual label is available on the HAUSER Product Documentation Platform or can be requested by your HAUSER contact person.