reference photo REMETA multideck


Product category Multidecks

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Fish Meat Fruit and Vegetable Drinks Cheese Dairy Deli Meats

REMETA – triple the freshness with EcoMotion3

The triple air curtain guarantees maximum temperature stability for sensitive foods as well as low energy consumption.

Displaying temperature-sensitive foods such as dairy products, meats and sausages in a fresh and appealing manner poses particular challenges for the technology and design of refrigerated cabinets. The refrigerated multideck display cabinet REMETA was designed specifically to meet these needs. 

The innovative triple air curtain EcoMotion³ uses three air streams to reliably protect the goods area from heat input, safeguarding the freshness of your goods.

The air curtain is not affected by the quantity of goods on the shelves and offers maximum energy efficiency. High-quality energy-saving fans with aerodynamically optimised blades and perfectly coordinated components such as an extensive ice-resistant evaporator ensure maximum temperature stability while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

A wide range of possible combinations and the acoustically optimised product architecture are further advantages of REMETA and make the refrigerated multideck display cabinet a real asset for every market size.

REMETA Piano Package

Energy efficiency class

* The cabinets get assigned an energy label according to their geometry and their accessories. The actual label is available on the HAUSER Product Documentation Platform or can be requested by your HAUSER contact person.