reference photo REMETA multideck


Product category Multidecks

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Fish Meat Fruit and Vegetable Drinks Cheese Dairy Deli Meats

REMETA – Three-rate freshness with Eco Motion3

The new air duct guarantees supremely stable temperatures for sensitive goods and a very low power consumption.

The fresh and appetising presentation of sensitive goods like dairy goods, sausages and meat products makes high demands on engineering and design of refrigerated cabinets. The refrigerated cabinet REMETA was especially designed for this purpose. The innovative air duct Eco Motion³ reliably protects the goods area from heat input and thus secures the freshness of your goods. The air curtain is independent from the goods feed and runs extremely energy-efficient. High-quality energy-saving fans with aerodynamically optimised blades and ideally matched components like best insulation and the extensive anti-icing evaporator provide maximal temperature stability with just a low energy consumption.