reference photo REGIUS multideck


Product category Multidecks

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Fish Meat Fruit and Vegetable Drinks Cheese Dairy Deli Meats

REGIUS - Optimised air duct promises energy efficiency

The energy-optimised dual air curtain REGIUS EcoMotion+ combines high thermal safety with reduced energy consumption and preserves the quality of your fresh goods.

Displaying foodstuffs, such as dairy produce, fresh and cold meats, in a fresh and appealing way poses particular challenges for the technology and design of refrigerated cabinets. Your REGIUS refrigerated multideck display cabinet combines efficient energy management with an appealing goods display.

The innovative, stable double duct offers protection from thermal input, safeguarding the freshness of your goods. REGIUS EcoMotion+ consists of two airstreams with different speeds which distribute the cold air evenly. This guarantees the maximum thermal safety of your fresh products. Thanks to its extremely efficient components, you also benefit from the economic energy consumption of your REGIUS.

REGIUS is characterised by a variety of combination options and gentle product cooling with an economic operation, making it your refrigerated multideck display cabinet of choice.

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