reference photo VITHEA serve over counter


Product category Serve Over Counters

Operation mode Remote

Cooling substance CO₂

Merchandise Category Convenience Fish Meat Cheese Deli Meats

VITHEA – Maximum freshness guaranteed

The innovative HAUSER dual-zone refrigeration combines the benefits of static cooling and circulating air cooling in one technology and promises a fresher product presentation.

Until now, you had to decide between static cooling and circulating air cooling when buying a refrigerated serve-over counter and therefore also in favour of the advantages and disadvantages offered by one of the two options. Counters cooled by circulating air impress with low energy consumption, but fresh foods such as meat and sausage often dry out. Counters with static cooling do a better job of preventing drying out, but the trade-off is generally the lower loading and stacking height if temperature safety is to be guaranteed.

You can combine the benefits of both cooling concepts in your VERANIS refrigerated serve-over counter from HAUSER with the first dual-zone refrigeration concept. This is because the cold comes both from the base deck and from an air curtain that moves more gently over the goods. This improves the temperature stability, achieves a load height of 200 mm throughout almost the entire product display and reduces the extent to which unpackaged goods dry out. The VITHEA provides you with an improved, more extensive and above all fresher product presentation. The VITHEA is by far the best product in the counter segment with an evaporation temperature of -6°C and a total energy consumption (TEC) which is around 50 percent below that of similar refrigerated serve-over counters.

The most innovative counter on the market


Energy efficiency class

* The cabinets get assigned an energy label according to their geometry and their accessories. The actual label is available on the HAUSER Product Documentation Platform or can be requested by your HAUSER contact person.