reference photo VINIA impulse case


Product category Serve Over Counters

Operation mode Plug-in, Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs

Merchandise Category Convenience Drinks Cheese Dairy Deli Meats

VINIA – for ultra-fresh convenience products

Do you sell ready-to-eat products like sandwiches or salads? The VINIA convenience refrigerated island is the ideal display space to showcase your fresh goods.

By offering a range of chilled to-go products, you can meet your customers’ growing demand for ultra-fresh snacks. HAUSER provides the ideal solution for high-quality and tasteful presentation of your convenience goods – the VINIA refrigerated island.

Three presentation levels mean a larger total display area while providing ideal opportunities for sales-boosting cross-selling. In addition, the three-tiered design gives your customers an unobstructed view of your fresh to-go products. The high-quality mirrored back wall strengthens the impression made on the customer as they browse through the product assortment.

Thanks to its compact format, the refrigerated island is at home in shops of any size – and stands out thanks to its flexible layout options, which are capable of meeting the latest expectations for product placement. With a customised colour scheme and front panelling, your VINIA will be able to integrate seamlessly into your store design.

Customise your VINIA

Energy efficiency class

* The cabinets get assigned an energy label according to their geometry and their accessories. The actual label is available on the HAUSER Product Documentation Platform or can be requested by your HAUSER contact person.