reference photo MIRENGO deep-freeze cabinet


Product category Frozen Food Cabinets

Operation mode Connect Air, Remote

Cooling substance CO₂, HFCs, Propane

Merchandise Category Frozen Food

MIRENGO - Maximum energy efficiency

The top product among deep-freeze cabinets thanks to the sophisticated air duct, energy-saving premium glass doors and high-performance energy-saving fans.

Your MIRENGO deep-freeze cabinet offers maximum energy efficiency thanks to perfectly coordinated components: energy-saving fans, a sophisticated air duct, the energy improved door frame, as well as doors with an automatic closing mechanism to minimise the heat input as far as possible. The use of heating-free premium glass doors reduces energy consumption by a further 100 W per door.

MIRENGO combines sustainable energy usage and an appealing goods display: Frameless glass hinged doors and side panels with panoramic glazing provide an optimised visibility of your deep frozen goods. With the optional Infinity doors (design without canopies), you can
present your goods in a particularly high-quality manner with maximized transparency. HAUSER's brilliant illumination concept with energy-saving LEDs enhances the attractiveness of your range of frozen foods and makes the colours appear particularly inviting.



Energy efficiency class

* The cabinets get assigned an energy label according to their geometry and their accessories. The actual label is available on the HAUSER Product Documentation Platform or can be requested by your HAUSER contact person.