Refrigerated serve over counters
Perfect presentation of goods with simple loading and cleaning

Refrigerated serve over counters VARIUS

The perfected operation

An elegant counter design enables a perfect presentation of merchandise, rounded out with innovative lighting and sales promoting detail functions, which distinguishes VARIUS. The large selection of glass variants, designs and circulars tops off an absolute market concept.

Refrigerated serve over counters VARIUS


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Snack counter VARIUS Bain Marie

Appetising presentation for hot dishes

The VARIUS Bain Marie enables holding without drying-out and fits in perfectly  in the HAUSER product family. An optimal insulation between Bain Marie and connected refrigerated display case guarantees high temperature safety.

Refrigerated serve over counters VARIUS Bain Marie


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Refrigerated serve over counters - high version VARIANDO

A refrigerating counter for urgent customers

The VARIANDO is the answer concerning the trend of more self-service. Invitingly open it presents itself for urgent shopping. The high refrigerating counter construction provides a spacious exhibition space. Despite self-service, the VARIANDO counter conveys absolute freshness of the presented goods.

Refrigerated serve over counters VARIANDO



Refrigerated serve over counters VERANIS

Design and performance for the most demanding

The modular and extremely energy-efficient VERANIS counter uses the so-called Slow-Motion technology, which guarantees you highest humidity values (up to 90%) for your goods. By means of innovative technology and optimised components the total energy consumption lies far below comparable serve over counters.

Refrigerated serve over counters VERANIS

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Refrigerated serve over counters Accessories

Bull bar

Separate fish section

Dust bin

Air discharge lattice

Bakery insert

Cup box

adjustable machine board

Insert for 3-step goods display

adjustable cable channel

Rear refrigerated base

Knife block

Night covers

Paper box closed

Paper box both sides open

Bin plexi glass


Wash-down attachment

Cutting board with juice groove

Cutting board with paper drawer

Sloped presentation area

Bag holder

UV lamp (avoids bacteria)

Half circle presentation