Deep-freezing cabinets
For reliable, energy efficient deep freezing

Deep-freezing cabinets MERANIS

Goods pressure due to transparency

Generous product facing areas as well as lateral glazing contribute substantially to the sales promotion. Especially easy to operate are the ergonomically formed glass sliding lids, which also adapt to the HAUSER product familiy design and contribute to the energy saving.

Deep-freezing cabinets MERANIS


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Deep-freeze wall cabinets with glass doors MIRENGO

Vertically presented

The MIRENGO refrigerating cabinet allows a generous vertical presentation of goods with a clear product arrangement, which only needs a small area in the market. Heat insulated and heated glass doors support a permanent insight and prevent fogging up of the doors.

Deep-freezing cabinets MIRENGO


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Deep-freezing multideck display cabinet MUSETA

Well combined

Those who like it combined make the right choice with the MUSETA frozen food combination. The combination of a vertical top and a chest formed lower part covers any sales variations for staple- and bulk goods. 

Deep-freezing cabinets MUSETA


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Deep-freeze wall cabinet MIRENDO

Uniquely presented

MIRENDO combines the advantages of deep freezing wall cabinets and deep-freezing islands. A continuous glazing of the lower part of the unit allows a free view on the goods in the wire baskets. Heat-free doors with reduced height minimise the chill leakage when the door is opened and allow unobstructed access to the goods - in the shelves as well as the wire baskets.

Deep-freezing cabinets MIRENDO

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