For some time, the food business has been moving towards well equipped small supermarkets stocking a large convenience range. The trend has been driven by high land prices and rental rates as well as a shortage of floor space in busy areas; changing habits of consumers have also played a part.

In many countries, moreover, consumers are shopping more frequently than they used to. This coincides with increasingly flexible lifestyles, in which the big weekly shop for groceries has been replaced with quick and spontaneous shopping trips according to need. In addition, the rising number of single households where people have little time to cook is boosting demand for convenience foods in all age groups and customer target groups.

Having picked up on the trend towards small supermarkets and convenience foods, HAUSER has become a complete supplier of refrigerated cabinets which are ideal for small-scale shops thanks to their compact proportions.

The range of compact freezers includes the MIRENGO RMG-S freezer and the plug-in MERANIS IM-S deep-freezing cabinet with a new slimline design. RENIMA refrigerated multi-deck display cabinets, which can be glazed or open, are available in an installation depth of just 70cm; shelves are cleverly arranged to accommodate a wide range of products in a small space. The REGIUS refrigerated multi-deck display cabinet enables the placement of refrigerated products for different times of the day (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner). Not only does this give shoppers ideas for their next meal, but also makes for fast and convenient purchases. In a new solution to be presented at EuroShop, HAUSER displays a REGIUS refrigerated cabinet with slide-in trolleys which can be loaded in the cold-storage room according to the time of day. This means it is possible to present consumers with a breakfast range in the mornings and salads and snacks for lunch later in the day.

Low-height refrigerated cabinets such as those in the VINIA and VARIANDO ranges make it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for; these ‘islands of freshness’ display convenience foods like crispy salads and tasty filled pastries. HAUSER focuses on refrigerators and freezer units with high transparency and attractive yet discreet designs – after all, the emphasis has to be on the effective presentation of fresh food.

Where there is no space for a machine room in the store owing to limited floor space, or just a few units can be retrofitted, HAUSER has the flexible answer in the form of its connect design: with the refrigeration technology built into the back of the refrigeration unit, no structural partitions are needed in the store.

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